The most enticing, powerful and cost effective way of presenting your property on the market
Our Process

With over 14 +years in Interior Design and 15+ years in Retail -        New St. Staging has one focus and that is to present your property to the best possible market. 

Our process starts with analysing the specific market, the target audience, and the competition to figure out the best strategyto make your listing shine.

With experienced Interior designers and stylists on board, we offer partial and full staging packages to suit your budget. 


Initially we will conduct an on site visit to your property to see what is required. This is a complimentary service and can take up to 30 minutes. 
After the onsite meeting we will send through a proposed quote for a 6 week rental period. If you require additonal weekly or monthly hire this can also be arranged. 


We usually require a couple weeks notice before an installation date. 
However, during peak seasons to ensure we have availability - a 6 week notice period is required. 
On short notice, please contact us with your requirments and we will do our best to put a package together for you. 


Based on the package you have secured, delivery for setup will happen on two time slots.
Morning setup between 9am - 11am, or Afternoon setup 1.30pm - 3pm.
Set up can take usualy between 2-4 hours based on the size of the property. 
We will have on board furniture removalists, stylists and handyman on the day to help with the installation. 
Photos can usually be taken on the same day, weather permitting for outdoors. 


If your property has gone to Auction or Sold privately please contact us to ensure a collection day can be scheduled for you. 
This usually happens 3 business days after the property has sold. 
If you require an extended hire period we require 3 business days notice. 
Collection of the hire furniture happens between 9am - 11am usually, unless another time has been made. 
We will collect all items within a 2 hour period.

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Case Study

Thule Court, Brighton

3 Bedroom Home
2 Living areas
1 Outdoor area

Cost to style: $5200
Added value: $350,000

Sold at auction
$520,00 over the asking price

Mason Street, South Yarra

3 Bedroom Home
2 Living areas
2 outdoor areas

Cost to Style: $4800
Added Value: $200,000

Sold at auction
$430,000 over the asking price

Stanley Street, Black Rock

3 Bedroom home
4 living areas
3 outdoor areas

Cost to style: $8700
Added value: $350,000

Sold at Auction
$380,000 over the asking price